Monday, October 20, 2008

It all was a success to me...

As was posted on my previous posting, I organized a small gathering/ open house for my friends... (family not included as my haven is seriously cannot accomodate all of them :)

Prior to this event, my bank is organizing our big open house, too... I had to run to get all the things for that nite's event from Carrefour, and then ran back to the office to pick up few collegues that wanted to ride with me to attend that open house, held at our HQ. Man! That was already tiring... and it doubled up when right after makan2 there (mind you, I had to leave early for the cooking + tidying up the house + flower arrangements) I had to run to pick up my lovey- dovey MAM at his office, then to M-I-L's place to borrow Erna to help me soon... Masya Allah, penatnya Tuhan saja yang tahu... (AZA was left with my mom, coz with him around, toksah laa kan, memang tak jadik kerja...)

Once we reached home, the hard- work started... with all the peeling, blending, baking, boiling etc... "kerja gila" dalam hati aku cakap... I've never had any experience cooking too many dishes at one time for only 2 hours ++... luckily I have Erna & MAM to help... you should see MAM did all the bread pudding prep by himself.. with little instructions from me... teehehe... you rock!

1st guests arrived were Liza and her cousin, Da. Gila awal!!! Lots of things were not done, and she had to jump into the ring, too... hahahha, tu laa, sapa suruh datang awal sangat...

and the guests kept on flowing after Isyak... The guests were:

1. Soed
2. Ratna & family
3. Sam
4. Azmah & hubby
5. Romi & Man Tat
6. Noriz & family
7. Ieta, Nuar & family
8. Chah & her mom
9. Ajim & Hasni
10. Waq & Jenal
11. My dad... (my mom did not come, coz she had to bake kuih for Ieta's open hse the next day & my dad said she merajuk coz I didnt invite her... mana ada, saja nak kenakan orang... Insya Allah I'll do another one, just for the family...)

To all our friends, thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed my 'hand-water' (nobody called-in sick the next day pon... so takde apa2 laa kot)... teehehe...

I'm glad that I managed to cook what I planned with little time and experience, tho tired to the last bone & beaten... Special thanks to MAM (love you!) and Erna for the helping hand...

p/s: pix to come soon...

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