Saturday, July 30, 2011


I can't help but to write this...
I know I have to be forgiving somehow, a sister must act the way a sister should be...
but I can't help it. I tried...

In respect of Ramadhan, I do not plan to have this sour feeling and infect people surround me, and I hope the same thing happen in return.

But something had happened. On last Friday, marked the second year of my dad's passing. My mom decided to organize a 'kenduri tahlil' the nite before at the surau next to her place. At the same time, there was a big football match, much awaited match; M'sia vs S'pore...

I had to sacrifice, not going to the match... No! it was not even a sacrifice. When the kenduri was for my arwah bapak, one could not top the priority. End of story. There is no second thot of either you should go to the match, or make yourself available for the kenduri.

But the king and the queen of the house were not around. Can you guess where were they? At the STADIUM! Having the blast of their lives!!! My mom told me that the king had to work that nite, since he was working with this one football association, so ok, understood.

But can you get it when the queen told my mom that she was going out, to the stadium? Well, she is not working with that assoc, and she wasn't even needed at the stadium as volunteer or whatever... she had to be at home, or the surau to recite doa for his FIL...
I know she never had any opportunity to know my arwah bapak, but still...!
show some respect and empathy to us, esp my mom... when you are still living under her roof, and you could still do that... uurgghhhhh!

whatever it is, I put the blame on the king... for not enforcing the queen! you know you should tell her to be present when you could not be around... urggghh! some people are so thick- skinned!

and the next day, that Fri nite... our family went to 'meminang' for my youngest brother. Guess who wasn't around, for the reason that he was tired and just got back from work?

BINGO! You got that right!

Did he care to send his queen as his rep?

BINGO! You got that right, too!

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