Monday, May 24, 2010

While I Still Can Dream...


I want to...

1. be the best companion to my husband
2. be the coolest mother to my child(ren)
3. offer mak a hand in anything that she needs
4. take lots and lots of babies' pictures (enhancing my photography skills)
5. do bungee jumping, white- water rafting and paragliding
6. own a family business; husband as CEO, me as MD, kids as Exec. Dirs.
7. overcome my fears on swimming in the open sea and COCKROACHES (yikes!)
8. own a bungalow with my own ideas of decorations
9. have one mega birthday bash that has big bouncy castle for adults to go nuts!
10. have my own car that is only a two- seater car (car plate starts with RR)
11. own a Chanel Jumbo
12... and lots more...

(there are a lot more... too tired to ketuk the keyboard)...

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tulah akak pun berangan have own car, bilalah tu. Tq yer singgah blog akak, mintak maaf baru jawab ari ni, tulah seri kakak pada seri dalilawaty