Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Entry for AZA


Dear my baby, AZA
(altho you are no more a baby to all, but you are still one to me! *maternal love* wink*)

Happy birthday (on April 10th, and yes, I can still recall the moment vividly)... May your life be filled with happiness, success and most importantly... good faith to Allah and his messanger, amin...

To have you in our lives has brings lots of colors, laughters and of course some sleepless nites... nevertheless it was all worth it! We hope we have showered you with so much love and guidance that you should be getting, as we are endowed with these resposibilities by Allah...

As mommy always du'a for you:
"AZA jadi anak yg soleh ya, beriman, bijak, rajin, baik hati... pandai ambil hati org tua, suka bersedekah... dan segala yg baik2... AZA jadik role model to adik2 (amin...), Mommy & Daddy will always pray that you will be safe, successful dunia dan akhirat... Mommy doakan juga AZA mendapat jodoh yg baik nanti, Insya Allah..."

p/s: I know it's still early for the 'jodoh' part, but my MIL always remind me to doakan the kid(s) to have a good wife/ husband when they've grown up, because she's dang scared of today's social illnesses... So, why not? Of course I want good + beriman DIL or SIL... (iklan sekejap: adakah aku DIL yg baik di mata dia? heheheh)

my collection of his antics... love you, baby...

Some pix from the recent birthday celebration...

theme: Wonder Pets

Family and relatives who attended... but my dad was unwell that day, he didn't come... sob, sob... get well soon, bapak!

friends... thanks guys!

he loves the presents... you can tell by the smile... it does look like a forced one, rest assured he couldn't get enough ripping off the wrapper...

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