Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Online Contest ~ Senyuman Ceria Si Comel


My first time to enter blog contest... and of course, it involves my son!
(mommy's not exploiting you, honey... just wanna let people to know you, that's all! *bad grin*)...

This contest is organized by http://smileykidz.blogspot.com/. So, for those who thinks their kids has the most 'ceria' smile (which mother doesn't?), lets join the contest together. After all, it's not about the prizes jek, it's about you finding those thousands of pix of your kids and pick the best one to be submitted... hehhehehe... (aku pon naik juling dah ni)... then you reminisce the those times of the pix taken... owh rindunya zaman itu...

My golden son: Adam Zane Azlan bin Mohd Azlan.
DOB: 10 April 2007
pix taken here when he was 10-mo, 14-mo and 23-mo, respectively... Enjoy!

For T&C of the contest, please click this... or you can click the banner on the left- hand side.

Good luck, peeps!
p/s: Adam, kalau kita menang, kfc' treat on mommy, ok? (nasib baik dia suka kfc, kalau lagi gedevance??? haishhhhh....)

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~nannoor said...

Salam ziarah dari SMILEYKIDZ.

Terima kasih kerana menyertai ONLINE CONTEST~SENYUMAN CERIA SI COMEL.

Entry anda telah di review.

Good Luck!! :)

SMILEYKIDZ Photography