Monday, March 19, 2012

3 Hours Q for 10 Burgers?


I just have to blog on this...
One, for it was a hell of experience.
Two, I bought as much burgers as I can afford with the money that I had that time.
Three, my husband has stated that the next time I give that idea, he'll become mad, smoke coming out of his nostrils (I made up that part... yeaaa)

here's the chronology of what had happened:

Friday nite : 16 Mar 2012 : 11.30pm

Went to Burger Bakar Kaw- Kaw in Wangsa Maju, Sek.2 together with En. Suami, AZA, SIL and her husband. Got the idea after reading few blogs that mostly gave good feedback of the place. Stated that we had to queue for ordering the burger. So best idea, be there when it was almost midnite because business hours is from 7.45pm - 2.00 am. Pandai kan?

Tak jugak...! Reached there and were told, finito! The seller said we were late, usually order finished by 10pm... alamak! But we could see lots of ppl were still waiting. Hmmm...
Went home with keroncong tummy... tsk tsk.

Saturday nite : 17 Mar 2012 : 8.00pm

Gave the same idea to En. Suami after we had lunch @ Mohd Chan Abdullah in Wangsa Maju (mom's treat). Told him to just stayed within WM neighborhood so that we could hit the burger stall again. He agreed, with condition. Must belanja 'my boys' movie, any movie @ Wangsa Walk... but of course must be suitable for the 'mini-him'... we settled for 'Seefood'... (this time, mak have left with AJ to Cik's hse)...

Movie's done, performed maghrib... yada, yada, yada... reached the place again at 8.25pm, and started queuing at 8.30pm sharp! AZA was chatty that nite, I think those people in line in front and at the back of us were amused with his topics... Lots of Q&A between the 3 of us just to take our minds off from thinking there are still long way to go to place order...

9.30pm: Our turn has arrived! With the price of RM7.50 for a 'Happiness' type of burger (trust me, this is the lowest range of their prices) and knowing that I had RM100 in my purse, I just placed 10pcs of Happiness burger. Total damage: RM75.00 and my turn was #99, currently servicing #52.

Then, next was? Waiting... again for the order to be ready... We decided to lepak at the nearest 'mamak'... and yes, that mamak was affected by this craze, too... Saw lots of familiar faces, those in front of me during queuing time moment ago.

Cut story short, our order was ready at 11.30pm. Was I glad that I ordered 10pcs? heaven yes!
I didnt plan to have it all by ourselves when first ordered... but we shared it with the rest of the family too...
To save them from going thru what we have been thru... Yes, like the modern malay saying,
"Sekali kena cukup laaaa..."

The pain: Abt this long I started queuing. The stall? U see that yellow- colored signage shop? It's opposite that shop.
(Pix credit to: sharinginfoz.blogspot)


Haryati said...

Salam..came across your blog .duk godek d most wanted burger in town. How was it? Malas nye nk que berjam2..

Roz Razalli said...


The burgers were ok, I suka laa, sbb di grilled. Cumanya, lagi 3 thn I Q balik laa kot kalau nak merasa lagi :)

U should try, to test your patience... hehehhe