Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for a Break...


I decided to watch Cuci The Musical- Last Kopek last nite (the last show of the last season), together with my other significant and 2 other couples, my friends.

It was kinda wrong timing, piggybank is running low (banyaknya nak pakai duit nak pindah ni!), left AZA at MIL's place (MAM really not into this idea - leaving his golden while we were out having fun) and MAM's mind is really full of things concerning his business.

I just need to cheer him up. So what I did was, told my friend weeks ago that I plan to tag along if she plans to watch the show and pls buy us tickets too. Once cleared, paid her and there we were, watched and cried (hyper- hysterical laughs were not filtered) there.

And I'm glad he had fun, too... Smiling all the way back to MIL's place.

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