Monday, February 23, 2009

Photography 101


Gosh! I'm taking my newfound hobby quite seriously... how? I've attended this basic photography class by Ariff ( He's a friend of a friend and introduced me to him... (in fact we went to these 2 sessions together)...

I've been lucky coz Arif conducted personal session for both of us so all the silly questions were shooted with no major embarassment shown on my face... heheheh...
So here are the things that Ive learned from him... (if you wanna know more, do contact me in person... I charge you murah2 only... hahahah... kidding)

Session 1: Using a Digital Camera
1. Modes
2. Shutter
3. Light Meter
4. Aperture
5. Time
6. Sensitivity
7. Noise/ISO
8. Sharpness
9. Spot Focus
10. Depth of Field
11. Focal Length
12. Hue
13. Saturation
14. Temperature
15. White Balance
16. Color Spaces
17.Monitor versus Printer

Session 2: Understanding your camera
1. Point and Shoot
2. Manual Controls
3. Single Lens Reflex
4. Wide Angle Lens
5. Normal Lens
6. Telephoto lens
7. Digital Pixels vs Film
8. Size
9. Digital Image Sensor
10. Image Size
11. Resolution
12. Compression
13. Storage Media

so my next session will be the practical one... (shoot! I practically bought this just to take my son's + hubby's pic... and I don't really need this... but who cares? Maybe I like to see better picture coming out from my 'snap- snap'...)

oh yeah, by the way, I'd like to post 2 pix that I took recently... (so what 'ya think?) Got talent or not?

my jubilant... in his 'playful' mode...

'forced labor'... to the photographer, as the self- acclaimed model (on the left) would torture yours truly to take his countless numbers of pix... seen here with my jubilant...

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