Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mode: Sakit


I was 'out' for few days... sorry about that! I was spending my "Laborday- weekend" at the hospital to be exact, and had to take 2 days extra until yesterday to babysit my AZA... he was admitted for food poisoning... poor baby! (lauk kenduri kawin, please dont put the idea of yours truly masak ntah hapa2 ye? I masak baik punya!) My hubby got affected, too... but luckily, he only had to go for few rounds to see Dr. TAN... :) then he's fine...

It was so heart wrenching to see my baby tied to that IV drip (4 bottles for that 3D-2N stay at that 'hotel'), he was begging us to take that thing out of his hand so that he can 'jalan- jalan'... he's active, so when seeing him like that, it made me felt helpless... sedih bangat! When the dr came for his ward- visit on our last day, and seemed hesitant to let us out, I pleaded... I couldn't stand to see my boy like that, neither do I to stay there for another 24 hours... rimas weh! I wanna see sunlight... I wanna breathe real air... and I wanna see him running around, yeap, that's the most important thing! The dr made me promise to make sure my son drinks plenty of fluids, to keep him hydrated... "Aye aye, Captain!" and we chow! tata... we are going home...

Once home, my son healed quicker than we expected... he's back! Alhamdulillah!!! He's running, singing, 'joget'ing and watching his fav tv programs... OK sayang, no more check-ins to the hospital ye, Insya Allah... get well soon!!! Mommy and Daddy loves you! (Oh ye, yours truly pon dah sakit2, muntah2 starting from Monday aritu... lambatnya effect makanan tu terjadi padaku... ke antibody dah tak kuat... batuk pon dah lama tak baik2 ni??? Any tips???)

I should be admitting:

"You kan private hospital, what's with this snail-like service to check us in? My baju smell my son's muntah already..." Then after checking out, "Why your nurses keep checking my son's temp every half an hour, shouldn't this be a place for him to rest? ummm and do you mind, I'm sharing a single- bed with my husband here, we could appreciate some privacy (not that we are doing anything, tapi org Melayu kan, sogan den!)... and yada-yada-yada..."

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